Jim Haesemeyer

Jim Haesemeyer is an elder at FreeWay Bible Chapel located in Lubbock, Texas. Jim received a BS and an MS degree from Texas Tech University, an MDiv degree from Luther Rice Seminary, and a DMin degree from Pensacola Theological Seminary. Jim has served on the mission field in Honduras for nearly thirty years. He and his wife, Sharon, have three children and nine grandchildren.

Favorite book of the Bible: Revelation–it’s the end of a wonderful, amazing story.

Favorite Bible character: any one of the three chief men of 1 Chronicles 11

Favorite food: Texas barbecue beef

What makes me happy: Spiritually speaking, leading a person to Christ. Speaking non-spiritually, being with my family.

What inspires me to write: The hope that what I write will be an encouragement to others

What one thing from earth would I like to have in heaven: the memories of God’s grace to me throughout the years of this present sojourn


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