Consider your ways: Part 3

“When you did these things and I kept silent, you thought I was exactly like you.” Psalms 50:21 The fact is too plain to be denied, the fault is too bad to be excused. These things God knows; and our own heart knows the ill desires we have conceived in our minds. At times, itContinue reading “Consider your ways: Part 3”

9 Bible verses of comfort during death

All of us go through sorrow when our dear ones pass away from this world. It is very hard to be comforted during times of death except by the peace of God and His Word. Here are 9 Bible verses to comfort during times of death. 1. For the Lord himself shall descend from heavenContinue reading “9 Bible verses of comfort during death”

The Church of Philadelphia: Lessons on Love

One may say, with unquestionable justification, that the central theme of the Bible is love, the most salient aspect of which is God’s love for mankind, His special creation.   But the Bible is likewise profuse in instruction for God’s children to reflect His great love by loving others, both the saved as well as theContinue reading “The Church of Philadelphia: Lessons on Love”

Consider your ways: Part 2

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” Isaiah 55: 8. There is a difference in God’s way of thinking and our understanding of what God can do. God is asking you—“What do you think of yourself?” A man should not judge God by his thoughts and ways. God thinksContinue reading “Consider your ways: Part 2”