Peace: With God, with Man, and with One’s Self

Shalom!  Since ancient times this Hebrew word meaning “peace” has been the customary greeting of the Jews.  Its use reflects the fundamental longing of every individual to enjoy wholeness, tranquility, […]

Are you a warrior?

By Nimmy Merlien Philip Many a times, I am awed by our soldiers’ steadfast dedication, physical and mental toughness, and valiant sacrifice — And it has always kept me wondering, […]

Living the Dream or Living the Purpose

Once upon a time there lived an elephant in the jungle. Every morning he went to the nearby gently flowing river to quench his thirst and to have a refreshing […]

Joy: The Fruit of the Spirit

Many years ago I was involved in helping to plant a church in an impoverished and marginalized area of a large Central American city.  This particular barrio was known for […]

Interview with Dr. Tedd Tripp & Margy Tripp (Part 2)

Parenting by “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” is not magic. It is not a Christian “rabbit’s foot”.  Christian parenting cannot be focused on “saving” our children.  It […]

The Fruit of the Spirit

In the Book of Galatians, Paul explains how the Christian should live his life.  Paul, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, reasons that if a Christian is saved by […]

Love In Truth and Action

Is it possible to love just in words?  Is it possible to love falsely? The answer is yes.  That is why John, the Apostle of love writes “Let us not […]

Visible hands of the Invisible God

The silence of the Lord breaks the cedars of Lebanon. Wait, is it the silence or the voice of the Lord (Psalm 29:5)? Ah yes, It is the voice of […]

Hasty Generalization: A much overlooked sin!

Have you ever been a victim of a hasty Generalization?  Let me explain what I’m talking about with an illustration.  (Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this illustration are fictitious.) John […]

Schemes of the Devil: the director of Evil

The Fall of mankind thus resulted from Satan using a combination of slandering, deceiving, and tempting.  Presently, we are all prone to these three strategies of the devil. The more we move away from God and His word, the higher the probability of our fall.

My Stress – God’s Solution

Richard Swenson says, “We have more questions than answers, more problems than solutions.”  Few know where we are headed, but it is universally acknowledged that we are stressed out. In […]

Techniques to Manage Anger

What is anger and what are its consequences? Anger is an emotion which is often accompanied by acute physiological changes in the body.  As an emotion, anger can range from […]

Is Social Media Taking Over our Lives?

More than any other aspect of modern technology, social media has impacted our daily lives. Take a moment to look around– you will notice that nearly everyone has their nose […]

Renew In Knowledge

New world… New model… New version… New product… When it comes to external things, everyone likes new and fresh. However, when it comes to themselves, people tend to stick to […]