Dijo John

Dijo and his sweet wife Merlyn reside in Lubbock with their daughter. God’s love transforms lives and as a recipient of His immense love, he is passionate to share about it with others. Renew In Knowledge sprouted from his vision to refresh and motivate others, and was cofounded with prayer and dedication from other like-minded team members. Currently, he works as an epidemiologist with a focus in preventing Healthcare-Associated Infections.

You can read some of my articles in the below link. https://renewinknowledge.org/author/dijoforyou/

Favorite book of the Bible: Hebrews

Favorite Bible character: Daniel

Favorite food: Kerala style food

Favorite place: I like traveling to mountain areas.

What makes me happy: Getting newer insights from God’s word through personal study and from others such as through conversations, reading books or through some powerful sermons.

What inspires me to write: I write spontaneously but almost always through reading from God’s word or from some careful observation of life around me.

What one thing from earth would I like to have in heaven: My gratitude file

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The Renew in Knowledge website is here to help in your path to restored purpose in life. We are committed to publishing materials which are refreshing, reviving and restoring, but perhaps most of all, life-changing. Our goal is that we all continue to be renewed in the knowledge of Christ.

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