Seven Churches of Revelation

The Book of Revelation holds a unique place in Scripture, detailing the astounding events preceding the ultimate culmination of God’s plans for His creation, the glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ, and creation’s entry into the indescribable wonders of the eternal state.   It is a book which outlines the dreadful events leading up to that much longed-for time, and as such is replete with cataclysmic judgments and global catastrophes, graphically depicting a future worldwide alliance under Satan’s control resulting in an epic struggle of mankind against the Lord and His people.

The following links will take you through all seven churches mentioned in the book of revelation.

1. Church of Ephesus

The Message to the Church of Ephesus: The Most Important Thing


2. Church of Smyrna

The Church of Smyrna: The Love of Christ is Always Present


3. Church of Pergamos

The Church of Pergamos: Lessons on the Insidious Attacks of Satan


4. Church of Thayatira

The Church of Thyatira: The Church Where Sin Was Justified


5. Church of Sardis

The Church of Sardis: The Dead Church


6. Church of Philadelphia

The Church of Philadelphia: Lessons on Love


7. Church of Laodecia

The Church of Laodicea: The Church that Grew Too Comfortable


Jim Haesemeyer takes us through a journey of the Seven Churches of revelation. A fascinating study to those who love to explore and seek God’s blessings!