You’re Precious

Has anyone ever told you that you are precious?

By my acts and words, I have shown how much I love you. I created this beautiful world just for you. But I don’t know how much you appreciate that. Soon this world will come to an end. Nonetheless, an entirely new dwelling place is being created for you. If this world is magnificent, how much more the new earth will be!

Meanwhile I wanted you to grow in knowledge and love as well as continue to enjoy the good things. But you keep falling and failing. If someone makes a battery and if it doesn’t charge, it is considered dead. When it comes to you, I have created you with the best intentions and you continue to get lost. You are having a real struggle within you between choices and functions. But I didn’t want to term you as a failure and cast you away.

You were wonderfully made by me even though I knew you would become selfish and careless. In your pursuit for freedom and independence, you plunged deep into despair and bondage. So I already had a plan to rescue and revive you. Love is beautifully expressed when it is shown to someone who is helpless. Love always involves sacrifice. So I came to this world to see what it means to live as a human with flesh and blood. Most importantly, I came to die in your place so that you can continue to enjoy life forever.

If I was willing to die for you, don’t you think I am willing to do any other thing so as to let you live? What more do you need to see to know that I love you?

I have done everything to draw you closer to life —to the abundant life. Why would you want to reject me?

You are precious to me.

 Jesus Christ


You’re Precious!(Click to download in pdf. Feel free to print and share as much as you want with your friends. Stay blessed!)