The Future of God

What is the future of God? Most importantly, can man live without God?

Secularization is gaining more traction in entire regions of the world. Unsurprisingly, recent surveys taken in wealthy nations show a prevailing attitude of living without the recognition of God.

I wrote this after reading a recent article published in the BBC titled Tomorrow’s Gods: What is the future of religion?

This article reiterates the oft-repeated refrain that religious beliefs serve only to make people conform to moral standards and are useful in promoting psychological wellbeing during challenging life situations. The author does a good job of expressing his analysis on the development of many religious movements throughout the centuries. The pushing point of the article is the continually changing dynamics of beliefs and the constant development of new spiritual movements.

nowhere in history have “gods” been created faster than that which is occurring in our own days

I want to direct further discussions on the topic based on an important premise. Specifically, it is the human desire for independence and freedom. Those are good things and should be celebrated. But like any good thing unless they are kept in balance the door is flung open to abuse.

Consider history, particularly those times when man considered himself powerful and self-sufficient and began to create his own gods. People attempted that in Babel. In fact, many kings and emperors of the past acted like gods and demanded worship. But nowhere in history have “gods” been created faster than that which is occurring in our own days. Look around you. Newer gods and movements are being carved out everywhere.

It is a terrible combination to feel powerful and to be confused at the same time. The result is a desire to find meaning and contentment through ever newer and more novel forms of spirituality. The unintended consequence is that millions are plunging into deeper despair and meaninglessness. Questions about one’s reality abound. Does vegetarianism help? Should the environment be our priority? Is science the cure? Does anyone care?

In spite of our zeal to become unrestrained and free, each of us remains intrinsically dependent. For example, trillions of bacteria live inside our bodies. These organisms are far too small to be seen with the naked eye yet our health is inextricably tied to them. Again, even though the oxygen in the air we breathe is both abundant and free, yet, it is absolutely vital to life. Likewise water, so simple and ubiquitous that we scarcely give it a thought, is necessary to survive.

if you are making your own truth and establishing your own freedom you are ultimately destroying yourself.

Consider man’s technological achievements such as the hyperloop. As per the plan, it can transport passengers at a speed of 1100km/hour. Even though we are able to travel faster than ever before, yet no one knows what comprises one’s mind.

Did any of us have control of the date in which we were born or when we will die?

Are you still feeling self-reliant and independent?

Perhaps it is good to slow down a bit. Our culture is trying to “move fast and break rules”. That is the path to destruction. Our thoughts and emotions are to be used wisely. This results in true independence. God, who created us, does not want to control us like will-less beings.

Freedom is derived from truth. People are craving and fighting for freedom. For most, the end is even greater disaster because seeking truth was never part of their journey. If you desire to assert yourself and yet are confused, I urge you to seek the truth. The truth of which I speak is the truth which is self-existing. It is the truth which is not carved out by man. Seek and you will find. But if you are making your own truth and establishing your own freedom you are ultimately destroying yourself.

It’s self-contradictory to discuss God’s future because God does not live in a time dimension as we do. We have a beginning and thus we journey through time. Likewise, the earth had a point of beginning and so it passes through time as well. Because we had a beginning we can never claim complete independence. God is eternal and has neither beginning nor end. Only He can claim complete independence.

Dijo John