Zealous for God

Yesterday, I was at my daughter’s volleyball game. A man sat near me who was obviously for the other team. During the two-hour event, I repetitively heard him comment to one after another his sentiments about this “home-schooling” VB team: “Yeah, they are home-schooled. What do they do all day? They got more than enough time to practice their volleyball!” I could feel my emotional blood pressure reach new heights. I tried to distance myself from him, but no matter where I sat, my ears could hear his scornful and critical comments to other spectators. I thought of what I should or could say to such an arrogant person and level him to the rubble of a humiliated human being. Perhaps I could mention my “home-teached” medical student or hospice nurse! 

I wondered why I had the unique privilege to listen to such foolish and offensive retorts. It seemed none of my fellow home-schooling parents heard what I had heard. Finally, the next day, I realized something. I got more upset over comments about my daughter’s student life, than when someone might say: “So where is their God?!” (Psalms115:2). Why is it that my emotional blood pressure will soar over a volleyball game and not over a critical indictment against the Lord? Why would such a statement not even seem to faze me, but I lose sleep over the haughtiness of that father toward my daughter and her team? I craft rebuttals to destroy such derogatory words but would not even compose a paper thought in defense of the Lord Jesus. Perhaps, it is because I do not hold Him with such value anymore. Perhaps, I do not think His honor is worth defending any longer. Perhaps, I have not even spoken to the Lord about these words. Lord, is there not a cause to act and bring your name, your people and your presence back to the forefront of the unbelieving world and believing family of God?

Dr. Steve Price- Renew In Knowledge