Salt & Light

The Christian website Renew In Knowledge is starting a new series called Salt & Light – based on God’s provision, protection, and guidance in the life of His people. 

The purpose of this new series is to:

  • Bring glory to God’s name
  • Encourage readers
  • Inspire others to get involved in the Lord’s work

In the book of Judges we read: 

When all that generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation arose after them who did not know the LORD nor the work which He had done for Israel. Then the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the LORD, and served the Baals; and they forsook the LORD God of their fathers, who had brought them out of the land of Egypt; and they followed other gods from among the gods of the people who were all around them, and they bowed down to them; and they provoked the LORD to anger. (Jdg. 2:10-12 NKJ)

The above verses are a sad reality of what happened to the generation of Israelites after the death of their great leader Joshua. In every generation the Lord’s Mighty hand is at work. It is our responsibility to be salt & light in proclaiming the Lord’s works to these generations. Unlike any time of the past, we are better served with technology and media to share God’s faithful stories quickly. That is what we hope to accomplish in the coming days through the new Salt & Light Series.

Finally, I would encourage you to reflect upon how God is leading in your own life. It might be a way some verse gave you light to seek God’s will in a difficult moment. It might be new insight gained on a biblical passage. It might be an amazing way God helped in a difficult situation. It might be God’s divine hand of protection. Or it might be a way you overcame an addictive lifestyle, etc. When you share with others how God is working in your life you are helping and blessing others in their walk with the Lord. As a result, the community of believers will be encouraged and blessed. You could even share a great book such as an inspiring missionary story or a refreshing devotional with others.

We ought to be salt & light not only to this world but also to fellow Christians. Pray with us and watch for some of the life stories which will be published here henceforth. May God bless and help you.

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