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Category: Devotionals

Prepare to be enchanted

Many delights in life come in ways that are unexpected and unanticipated. This truism is applicable even to learning experiences including our understanding of the Bible. If we approach the […]

Reason for hope

Have you thought of your life fully ending with your death? If that was the case I must say that is a miserable state. Thankfully, that is not the case. […]

Reflections of 2018

The year 2018 is now behind us. Endings are always a good time for reflection. Looking back reminds one of where he has gone and what he has learned. Looking […]

Zealous for God

Yesterday, I was at my daughter’s volleyball game. A man sat near me who was obviously for the other team. During the two-hour event, I repetitively heard him comment to […]

The Gift God Wants

The Lord God is a demanding God.  If we don’t do things His way He would rather we’d not do them at all.  He has a very specific standard and […]

What are you looking forward to?

Are you looking forward to the weekend? A holiday?  Graduating from school? Or bigger goals like getting married, starting a family, getting that job that you always wanted, or buying […]