Prepare to be enchanted

Many delights in life come in ways that are unexpected and unanticipated. This truism is applicable even to learning experiences including our understanding of the Bible. If we approach the Bible with an open-minded attitude we will surely end up finding new gems and precious truths bringing us tremendous delight in their discovery. However, ifContinue reading “Prepare to be enchanted”

Reflections of 2018

The year 2018 is now behind us. Endings are always a good time for reflection. Looking back reminds one of where he has gone and what he has learned. Looking back offers hindsight and wisdom. New Year Resolutions have their place. However, looking back at promises kept and at places and people that intersected ourContinue reading “Reflections of 2018”

Zealous for God

Yesterday, I was at my daughter’s volleyball game. A man sat near me who was obviously for the other team. During the two-hour event, I repetitively heard him comment to one after another his sentiments about this “home-schooling” VB team: “Yeah, they are home-schooled. What do they do all day? They got more than enoughContinue reading “Zealous for God”