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Missionary Orientation Program by Christian Missions In many Lands


Missionary Orientation Program (MOP) is jointly sponsored by CMML and MSC Canada. It aims to prepare those who are considering missions or are already commended to go overseas for missionary work.

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Faculty Quotes

Missions is rooted in the person and mission of Christ.

Joel Hernandez in Biblical Perspective Seminar

God does not have any second generation disciples.

Jim McCarthy in Marks of a Biblical Church Seminar

Church is at the center of God’s work; not mission agencies. We want New testament churches not Brethren churches.

Jim McCarthy

No Success without Succession.

Phil Barnes in Missionary Strategies Seminar

Servant leadership is only possible if you are secure in who you are.

Phil Barnes in Servant Leadership Seminar

Communication starts with Accountability.

Paul Bramsen

Live biblically, be aware of the culture and don’t offend unnecessarily.

Carol Bramsen

The success or failure of a missionary – is dependent upon attitudes brought under the control of the Holy Spirit.

Phil Parsons

We don’t worry about scars; but we worry about open wounds.

Phil Barnes

Psalms can help understand and regulate emotions.

Paul Rabideau in Resilience Seminar

Unity is most important to God

Paul Rabideau in Conflict Style and Resolution Seminar

Discipline is not congenital, or inherited; it is acquired. Throughout history, the productive servants of God have been men and women who understood their purpose, and worked out their goals with discipline.

Joel Hernandez in Goal & Discipline Seminar

God often uses outsiders to do something new. The stranger is the most effective agent of change.

Joel in Cross-cultural Disasters Seminar

There is no equal opposite to God.

Paul Bramsen in Spiritual Warfare Seminar

Readiness is not a matter of feeling, a matter of information, a matter of experience, or a matter of correct expectations. Rather READINESS is a matter of reliance upon the Lord.

Phil Parsons on Am I Ready Seminar

Investing in Facilities, Projects, and Programs Instead of People.

Phil Barnes in Top Ten Mistakes Missionaries Make Seminar

How to Participate

In order to participate the potential candidate must receive approval from their assembly leadership in addition to sending the registration form.


Greenwood Hills Camp & Conference Center, Fayetteville, PA


Contact Phil Parsons via email at or phone at 732-449-8880 ext. 104. Check out this MOP page for the latest information.