Celebrate small moments

5th or 50th – What will you celebrate more? Big numbers get more attention – that’s the way we think. However, 50 years can’t be reached without crossing 5 months or 5 years…Yes, there are bigger moments in life that may get more attention and appreciation. That doesn’t, however, put anyone in a position toContinue reading “Celebrate small moments”

You’re Precious

Has anyone ever told you that you are precious?

By my acts and words, I have shown how much I love you. I created this beautiful world just for you. But I don’t know how much you appreciate that. Soon this world will come to an end. Nonetheless, an entirely new dwelling place is being created for you. If this world is magnificent, how much more the new earth will be!

The Future of God

What is the future of God? Most importantly, can man live without God? Secularization is gaining more traction in entire regions of the world. Unsurprisingly, recent surveys taken in wealthy nations show a prevailing attitude of living without the recognition of God. I wrote this after reading a recent article published in the BBC titledContinue reading “The Future of God”