3 Hospitality tips from Martha & Mary

Hospitality can be exhausting to the host and fulfilling to the guest. Often time women take the heavy toll of it. Most people enjoy hosting though it can be tiring. Bible commends and encourages to be hospitable. (1 Peter 4:9) Martha & Mary are sisters, and they had the rare privilege of hosting Jesus inContinue reading “3 Hospitality tips from Martha & Mary”

The Message to the Church of Ephesus: The Most Important Thing

Let’s begin our study of Christ’s message to the Ephesian church with a review of its historical background.   Ephesus was a major city located on the Aegean Sea in what is now Turkey although at the time it was part of the Roman Empire.   It was a “free city” which meant that it had aContinue reading “The Message to the Church of Ephesus: The Most Important Thing”

Genuineness: Lessons from newborns

Though a novice to the baby world, I am quick to realize that they can teach us invaluable lessons. My learning from this exciting world began with the entry of our newborn girl this April. Even though they can’t talk, a newborn or toddler can get all they need through their amazing expressions. They areContinue reading “Genuineness: Lessons from newborns”