If I had the option, what would I do?

If I had the option, would I choose to be in the happiest family?

If I had the option, would I get a luxurious car?

If I had the option, would I accept the highest paying job?

If I had the option, would I buy the best house?

If I had the option, would I go on vacation to the most romantic place?

If I had the option, would I make friends with influential people?

If I had the option, would I pursue my strongest temptations, whatever that is?


Do I think that pursuing any of the above would satisfy me? Not at all.


Most of our life and hopes are spent on following the above or similar options. And when we get those, they still do not bring what we expected.


God sees and does things differently. The Son of God had all the options in the world at His disposal. Yet see how He lived the life of a servant.

  • There was no place for Him at the inn when He was born
  • Had to flee His country because of a death threat from the ruler
  • Tempted by the devil and yet rejected all offers from him
  • Chose ordinary men as His followers
  • Constantly associated with and reached out to the needy, sinners, and sick
  • Rejected, mocked, and crucified

That is the life chosen by the Lord Jesus Christ on earth. He sends a radical message for us to follow. He makes us rethink life and our priorities. The Lord offers us an abundant, meaningful, and, eternal life.

Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; he who comes to Me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst. (Jn. 6:35 NAU). The life the Lord offers is everlasting.

On another occasion, Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (Jn. 10:10 NAU). One commentator describes abundance as more than one can expect and anticipate (NET). We should know that the Lord knows what is best for our life. We all have our own expectations for life. Many times they are set on the wrong track. Most often we won’t meet it. When we do meet our expectations, it rarely satisfies. It is always a great idea to let the Lord tailor our life and what He gives or plans is more than we could ask or imagine. This is the abundant life.

This overflowing and everlasting life is available for us to have at any time. Some of the expectations (listed above in the introduction) we pursue can never be attained. But, the good news is that the abundant life is something we can have right now, if we want it.

  • Am I willing to accept the abundant life offered by the Lord?
  • Am I willing to accept the salvation ready to be gifted by the Lord?
  • Do I see life the way the Lord intends me to see?
  • Do I love the Lord wholeheartedly?
  • Do I care for what the Lord cares about?
  • Do I seek the Lord diligently?
  • Do I love His Word?
  • Do I delight in obeying the Lord?

And now.

What will you choose?

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