Hey you, isn’t it time to come out of your shell

When I look around, I see so many people hiding or trying to hide inside a shell. Shells made of fear, shame, selfishness, laziness or even pride. I will talk about two ways you can let that happen.

So many people with talents are not using it in the right way. Some of them gifted with abilities to sing, write, speak, paint, serve, organize, lead and the list goes on. Many times people without any of these abilities have to step in to meet those needs and they do it in the best way they possibly can.

Even when I am writing in Renew In Knowledge I know that I am not in any way a gifted writer. Yet, I step into it filling a need and share with you some thoughts hoping to inspire you. There are, however, some amazing people out there who have some great writing skills yet do not want to use it. Often people with real talents are hiding behind their shells. If you are one of them, you are doing a disservice to the people around you and also to God. As Jesus says in the parable of the talents, why do you want to hide your talent and not be faithful?

You can’t excuse yourself by hiding when God gives you some ability and you see the opportunities to use those abilities. Doesn’t James say “to one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it, to him it is sin”?

The second thing which I want to bring to your attention is to stand for your faith. There will come situations to display your convictions to those around. It may be at school or your workplace or at a social gathering. The post-modern world hates to see someone adhering to the truth. Nevertheless, the world needs to see and hear about the truth. If the so-called followers of Christ are hiding, who will show the truth to this world?

A bold example of tremendous display of faith and courage is revealed to us in the Old Testament. It is none other than Daniel. As a very young person and at a vulnerable situation, when anyone could have claimed an exception for self-indulgence, he stood strong for his God-given convictions. At challenging times and even at the cost of his life, Daniel stood strong for his trust in God. We see that God rewards him each time on those occasions when he takes a bolder stand. On all those occasions he could have easily hidden and permitted himself to go with the flow. Instead, Daniel didn’t hide and he didn’t let himself miss the opportunities to display his faith.

I have told you two ways of coming out of your shell. One is to start using your God-given abilities. You were given those talents to use so that both you and others will be blessed, as well as, to glorify God’s name. Next, I talked about coming out of hiding and standing boldly for the faith. It is hard, but if you don’t do this among your circle of influence aren’t you harming them?

It’s time to come out of your shell. Won’t you?