The Word became flesh

The Word became flesh.

This is the introduction of Jesus in the gospel of John. And that is the apt description of the greatest event this world has ever seen. As the gospel says, this Word is the one who was God who in the beginning created everything which had a beginning. At the perfect timing of God, the Word was born into this world in human flesh. The world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ as Christmas.

Celebrate small moments

5th or 50th – What will you celebrate more? Big numbers get more attention – that’s the way we think. However, 50 years can’t be reached without crossing 5 months or 5 years…Yes, there are bigger moments in life that may get more attention and appreciation. That doesn’t, however, put anyone in a position toContinue reading “Celebrate small moments”

Prepare to be enchanted

Many delights in life come in ways that are unexpected and unanticipated. This truism is applicable even to learning experiences including our understanding of the Bible. If we approach the Bible with an open-minded attitude we will surely end up finding new gems and precious truths bringing us tremendous delight in their discovery. However, ifContinue reading “Prepare to be enchanted”

Who is The Christ in Christmas?

Imagine celebrating a Thanksgiving without turkey or a Passover without lamb. Much worse than that, however, is a Christmas without Christ. Arguably, Christmas is the most decorated and celebrated holiday across the world.  Nevertheless, the joy of this season won’t be complete if Christ is unknown and remains uninvited. Who, then, is the Christ inContinue reading “Who is The Christ in Christmas?”