Celebrate small moments

5th or 50th – What will you celebrate more?

Big numbers get more attention – that’s the way we think.

However, 50 years can’t be reached without crossing 5 months or 5 years…Yes, there are bigger moments in life that may get more attention and appreciation. That doesn’t, however, put anyone in a position to not find joy in the smaller moments which life brings. Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate small victories as well.

 The tendency is to move to the next big thing immediately when some goals are reached. This human ability is used by sales managers to push their team to higher targets each upcoming cycle. But if we don’t take time to enjoy the things we are accomplishing perhaps we are unknowingly sowing seeds of discontentment and bigger troubles which will spout from it. So let’s be intentional in choosing to be joyful regardless of the size of the achievements in our lives.  

This month the department where I work conducted a large public event on the topic of Drug addiction and recovery. One of the things shared by a speaker at the event seemed to be connected to the overall theme of this article. His thought was to celebrate the sobriety even when accomplishing smaller victories in the recovery process. Regardless of the type of addiction one is trying to conquer, whether it is alcohol, drugs, sex, or gambling, I think this is a very practical piece of advice to follow. 

Successful recovery emerges more from a joyful heart than from a hopelessly sad attitude. 

When people come out of very serious long-lasting addictions they may be captivated by the thought that they need a longer period of recovery to compensate for the loss. This thought, however, increases the stress on the process and person. Each day of the addiction-free life is a day to celebrate and that attitude will be very helpful in crossing major milestones of freedom. There is another thing that can hinder success. That is the human way of thinking – the more damage there is the more good is needed to correct it. If you adhere to this idea of behavioral economics your journey forward will be unsatisfying. Let me take your attention to one of the stories told by the Lord Jesus Himself. 

The parable of the Prodigal Son, undoubtedly one of the greatest stories ever told, has touched millions of lives. Jesus tells this story in the context of how much God looks for the return of a lost person. In this parable the younger of two sons squanders his father’s money in a far away land. Soon, he reaches a stage of life where he loses everything and almost becomes like an animal. Finally, at one good moment, he decides to go back to his father’s house. Seeing his son returning the good old man runs toward him to receive him. Not only that, but he puts together one of the biggest celebrations the household has seen because of the return of his once lost son. Through this parable, Jesus was conveying a point that is contrary to most human understanding. That is – God celebrates the moment a person repents. Wow…that’s very different than the way I would have responded.

The lesson from this story is that God waits for everyone to come to His presence. Don’t hesitate to immediately return to the Heavenly Father at any stage of your life, however deep you are lost. 

At any season, find a reason to celebrate life, even if it is something small. That joy which you find even in smaller things will give you the strength to achieve more victories. 

By the way, this week is my fifth wedding anniversary!!!! 

Dijo John –     Renew In Knowledge