Do I need more evidence to believe in God?

Do I need more evidence to believe in God?

The Bible makes it doubtlessly clear faith is the only way to salvation.
Agnostically oriented thinkers find it hard to come to terms with the “faith or belief” system of Biblical Christianity. Those who adhere to Agnosticism claim that there is not enough evidence to believe in God – so they can’t believe.

The above claim is used by many to reject or avoid the Christian way of life. They feel like it would have been easy for them to believe only if they had little more evidence. However, let me propose that it is not a wise thing to claim ‘I will believe in God only if I am provided with ample proof’. This is because having enough evidence still does not mean it will be accepted immediately.

Evidence does not equate to faith…

For example, some of the angels who were present near God and had seen first hand God’s power still rebelled because they didn’t want to accept Him as their Lord. Even with that powerful evidence of God, those angels were not willing to trust Him but instead acted against Him. This is a powerful reminder for anyone who thinks they will trust something only if they get complete and proximate evidence.

Is Christian faith a blind belief in God?

Having said that, saving faith demanded by the God of the Bible is not a call to blindly believe. If that is the case anyone can believe in anything and say that is perfectly fine. Scripture necessitates faith or trust in God as the only way for a person to get saved. Nevertheless to believe there should be some believable evidence. Like a judge needs to be presented with appropriate evidence to make a decision all of us need to be presented with evidence about the truth about God.

God has spoken in different ways and at different times through different persons in the past. That is a paraphrase of the beginning verse of the book of Hebrews. This verse in the Bible is so remarkably powerful for an evidence seeker. The communication of God is not a one-time occurrence of speaking to a single person.

More than 300 prophecies from the Old Testament of the Bible were fulfilled just through the earthly manifestation of Jesus Christ. As mentioned earlier those were words revealed two thousand years ago through different people living in at least two different continents. As the Word of God, the Bible contains words God spoke through His Son and the prophets for anyone to read. And that Scripture continues to transform the lives of millions all over the world.  Isn’t it evidence to consider?

Some people are wired that they need more evidence. And that is perfectly fine with the God of the Bible who is always willing to provide evidence to those who seek him. The Holy Spirit of God is the primary means of working in one’s life to convict him about sin, salvation, and judgment. Jesus said those who seek will find. Perhaps you haven’t found him yet because you didn’t want him or maybe you are not seeking.

Amazingly, a self-existing God painstakingly goes over and beyond to satisfy human needs to see. If God is willing to come to earth and die to save us, He is more than willing to powerfully come to the life of anyone seeking Him. Stories after stories are emerging these days about the miraculous appearance of God particularly from persecuted nations.

Christian faith is not an invitation to blindly believe in God. Unarguably, God who Himself is the perfect communicator honors the human need for reasons and believable evidence.

Ultimately, faith in God is not because of the quality of the evidence supplied but from a heart willing to submit to the Lordship of the almighty God.

by Dijo John

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