Light in the darkness

‘Democracy dies in darkness.’

This is the slogan of the acclaimed newspaper, The Washington Post. I don’t think even Jeff Bezos believes his media company will bring any special light to this world. By this point, it should be clear to us that no media nor any democracy (which is considered to be the best form of human governance) has the best interest to serve truth.

Where should someone look for light?

The world lies in darkness. There is uncertainty, fear, and hopelessness everywhere. The ongoing coronavirus disease is causing dread to everyone globally. But the worst enemy for all to fear is the unrepentant sin in one’s own heart. While the coronavirus is affecting many, sin affects everyone. We should come out of the coronavirus hopefully soon but how can the world get rid of sin? Only when someone knows the depth of the darkness in their soul will they start to seek after light. But one thing is certain no human creativity, intelligence or institutions have the capacity to extinguish the darkness of one’s soul. Because darkness will lead only to more darkness until the light is shown from outside.

Only when someone knows the depth of the darkness in their soul will they start to seek after light.

The first chapter of the book of John introduces a ‘Light’. They say the introduction is one of the most challenging parts of creative work like a book or a movie. Here in John, probably the most read book in the whole world, we see a very simple but unavoidable presentation of the Light the whole world needs.

Here are some words used to describe this Light.

It was in the beginning
It was the Word
It was with God
It was God
It made all things that were made
It was life
It was the light of men
It shines in the darkness

All of the above phrases are taken from just five verses of the first chapter. In the verses we know  ‘it’ is referring to  ‘Jesus Christ’. He is the Light that can extinguish the darkness in our soul.

The coronavirus disease is bad. We should be coming out of it quickly provided everyone follows proper safety precautions. But none of our work can save us from the darkness caused by sin. No amount of good works can save us from our sins. The Light has already come to this world as Jesus Christ. In Him is the fullness of grace and truth. There is a way for the world to experience peace, joy, and hope – that is in Christ alone.

Iconic Jordan Peterson was once asked by Dennis Prager: Do you believe in God?
Jordan Peterson’s reply to him was that it is too morally demanding to believe in God. So I don’t know if I am good enough to do that. (paraphrased)

Though seeming to be a great reply it has a misleading representation of God’s character. Jordan’s reply is rightly focused on God’s perfect holiness. That is why he talked about the moral demand arising from a holy God. His reply also directs our attention to the darkness in every human soul. Thus, he states ‘I am not good enough to come close to a perfect God’. Nevertheless, coming from a renowned clinical psychologist, this stance does not give hope to anyone.

However, the story does not end there. It is undeniable that God is holy. At the same time, He is full of love. Because of His free-flowing grace, God has prepared a way for us to believe in him and come close to him.  In fact, Jesus states “It is not those who are healthy who need a physician, but those who are sick; I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17)

The Lord Jesus was once asked what we must do to be approved by God?
His answer was to believe in the one God has sent. (John 6:28-29)

This is the message of hope and redemption. By believing in the Light (Jesus Christ) one is admitting to his insufficiency and inviting God into his life. The darkness of sin can only be purged by permitting the light of Jesus Christ to shine in one’s heart.

Let His light shine in the darkness.

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